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Who We Are

Our goal is to rid the world of sales and service mediocrity, one contact centre at a time.

7XP was founded on the basic premise that most contact centers suck, resulting in painful client interactions with some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. We set out to reinvent the industry, shifting focus towards co-creating delightful experiences to drive brand affinity, loyalty and conversion for our client brands.

How it all started:

While partnering together (as vendor-client) at Refresh Financial, Latif and Karim uncovered a proprietary recipe to unlock exponential sales performance while increasing customer satisfaction too.  They contended that this approach would work in virtually any industry.

They co-founded 7X Powered and proved that yes, there is a better way. Since then, the 7XP team has been unstoppable in their goal to rid the world of sales and service mediocrity, one humanized call centre at a time.

Meet the founders:

 7X Powered can transform your call centre into a PROFIT centre.

 Your product may be the best in your industry, but that becomes moot if your company is hemorrhaging sales opportunities and customers. We can transform your sales and service experience from a ”necessary evil” into a highly strategic value creation channel.