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Our unorthodox approach

Let’s [finally] humanize your call centre.

Our obsessive focus on conversion and CSAT will boost your company’s profits and who knows – maybe you’ll get that next promotion for making it happen. You smarty pants.

How the 7XP co-sourcing process works

Whiteboarding the real vision

We facilitate brainstorming sessions to align what we build with what you want, and establish the necessary steps that are required to make the vision you have for your business a reality.

Design a human experience

The ideation phase. We establish the steps that must be taken to create a more human-centric experience. Giving the human touch ties into generating more income and improving the reputation of your brand.

Build it!

Next, we put together a reinvented sales and service experience, custom-tailored to your company’s objectives, augmented by technology (that we build or integrate to), and primed for maximum value creation.

Operate it

Finally, (and this is the best part) we run your new-fangled sales and service experience for you, allowing you to focus on your core product or service, what you enjoy best.  This is where you let us make you look good.

Why the 7X Powered experience works

  1. “Co-sourcing”, not outsourcing.

    We’re not just another third-party vendor: we will operate as an extension of your business. And, like any healthy relationship, we will maintain open communication: your success is our success and vice versa.

  2. Our quality-first, conversion-obsessed, approach.

    A model with a quality-focused foundation means that everything else (like making lots and lots of money) comes easier. By creating strong relationships with your customer base, we’ve proven up to 4X the sales conversion vs. ‘commodity’ vendors.

  3. The Prove-and-Grow approach.

    We love the idea of launching a pilot and competing with your existing models!  We “bet” you we’ll show you substantial gains. After that, we’re very good at scaling fast.

  4. Great tech to drive great insights.

    Half of the 7XP magic is our super-cool tech, which then enabled lots of analytics. When providing strategic guidance, we take into account every meaningful data point and metric that can be realistically gathered through our proprietary platform.

Our Guarantee*

Let us help you and truly collaborate with us in the process, we call this co-sourcing not outsourcing. 

We are so confident that co-sourcing with 7XP will yield an immediate 2-4x improvement in inbound and/or outbound sales productivity, while also seeing an increase in CSAT, that we won’t ask you to commit or scale until we’ve proven it. Even then, we’ll continue to prove it, as we scale.

7X Powered will transform your COST centre into a PROFIT centre.

Your product may be the best in your industry, but that becomes moot if your company is hemorrhaging sales opportunities and customers. We can transform your sales and service experience from a “necessary evil” into a highly strategic value creation channel.